These are custom printed items and we cannot offer refunds on delayed shipping or production.   NOTE THAT ALL DATES PROVIDED ARE ESTIMATES FROM THE SHIPPING PROVIDERS - PLEASE BE PATIENT.

This seems like a lot of information but we are very thorough on our shipping process.  We do our best to answer/add questions from previous customer to assure that the information and package data we provide is accurate.  Read through the information below and if there are still questions, contact us directly and we'll do our best to ease your suffering.


The fulfillment center will run address against a validation site, if your address is not entered and validated, there will be delays and cancellations of orders.  Don't know where you live?  Validate it here...


All of the products on the Chip Chipperson shop and custom printed on the time of your order.  Depending on the volume of orders, there could be up to 10-15 days prior to your order being produced and shipped.  You will get a shipping notification update when your order is ready to ship.


Often with multiple items we will send multiple packages. You will receive separate tracking information for each order and they may be shipped at different times and from different locations within the USA. To save customers shipping, we may end up splitting these items into different shipping types - For example, if you order (2) mugs and a shirt, we may ship the shirts as FIRST CLASS MAIL and the mugs will ship PRIORITY MAIL. The cost can vary up to $8 per package sometimes in your favor.

Again, we do our best with keeping you updated on packages that require multiple shipping days and regular updates are sent when these items leave our location.


We shouldn't have to explain this but we're putting it out there for people that don't understand how shipping works.  When an order is placed, the fulfillment system will ESTIMATE shipping and delivery dates based on the availability of  items and the shipping options chosen. By the terms of the shipping provider deliveries are NOT GUARANTEED THAT DELIVERY DATE EVEN IF IT SAYS 2 DAY PRIORITY MAIL.  The USPS uses the '2 days' as estimated travel time and not the door to door you might think... it could easily take 5-7 days to arrive from the date once label is created.

The ESTIMATED ARRIVAL DATES given can rely on the following factors:

  • When was the order placed
  • What time of day was fulfillment completed
  • Which vendor is shipping the item and what are their pick-up times
  • Did the vendor miss the pick-up to match the fultillment and now for that date and now it's 24 hours later
  • What is the package destination delivery zone
  • Is it a really busy day and your mail carrier forgot something

The point being, we can't control shipping and therefore cannot offer discounts or other types of 'compensation' because of delays out of the control of our company and the delivering agent.  

NOTE: If you have expectations of shipping and items arriving on a certain date, there are no guarantees of delivery times in our product purchasing and we cannot be held liable for delays with a delivery system, even if you paid for 'PRIORITY' shipping.